If a picture is worth a thousand words there are 72 thousand new words coming to your smartphone.

Emoji wasn't even a word in the English language until around 10 years ago. But now, it's a replacement for words and 72 new emojis.

A consortium, made up of members from technology firms around the world have approved 72 new symbols to be included in the Unicode 9.0 release June 21st.

In the 'what took so long' category is the 'rolling on the floor laughing' emoji, the lying face, nauseated, sneezing, juggling, fingers crossed, the face palm, and shrug are being added. Other new emojis include the drooling face, the call me, clinking glasses to celebrate or toast someone, boxing glove, handshake, left and right facing fists, a man dancing, and a person doing a cartwheel.

Less useful may be the black heart emoji, egg, raised back of the hand, selfie, and first place medal.

There are many Summer Olympics themed emoji's in this update: the fencer, wrestlers, water polo, handball, and 1st, 2nd and 3rd place medals.

Animal additions are the fox, deer, gorilla, rhinocerous, eagle, bat, shark, owl, shrimp, squid, duck and butterfly. There's also the cucumber, bacon, croissant, baguette, green salad and a shallow pan of food.

What's really surprising for many people is the fact there's a consortium that spends time reviewing and approving submitted emoji requests. If you're not using emoji's, you'll probably start getting more of them.

In 2015 The Oxford Dictionary pronounced the tears of joy face emoji as the Word of the Year.

The new emojis will begin showing up on smartphones in an operating system update after June 21st.