The dog responsible for severely injuring a Murray County man is now set to be euthanized after officials discovered an earlier biting incident.

Police say Mojo attacked 77-year-old Rex Peek on May 28 in Chatsworth, Ga.

The dog was seized by Murray County Animal Control and has remained in its custody.

The original ruling by the county's Animal Control Director Craig Cagle was to return the dog to its owners with restrictions.

But Cagle has since learned Mojo was responsible for biting a child in Naples, Florida in 2012.

"It changes the situation drastically in my opinion," Cagle said. "With it being a pattern of the dog biting, it's going to be my recommendation after consulting with the vet that we use on retainer that the dog be euthanized."

Cagle said the dog's owners will have 15 days to appeal his decision.

And there's some technicalities with the Georgia law on euthanizing an animal that has caused serious injury on more than one occasion.

The law states a dog that is found to have caused serious injury to a human on more than one occasion shall be euthanized unless the injury occurred before July 1, 2012.

The earlier incident happened on June 1, 2012 in Naples, Florida before Mojo and its owners moved to Chatsworth.

According to the 2012 police report, Mojo got out of its house and bit a young girl in the neighbor's yard. The bite was not serious, Cagle said, but the situation was.

Cagle knows others might interpret the law differently but says he is sticking by his stance.

"The reason for my stance in this situation is because you have a smaller child that was bitten and an elderly male that was bitten. Both defenseless parties involved and I don't want to see it happen again," Cagle said.

Cagle said by all appearances Mojo's owners have been responsible dog owners. No charges will be filed against them.