ATLANTA (AP) - Stacey Abrams broke the rules of politics until the very end. The Georgia Democrat came about 60,000 votes shy of becoming America's first black woman governor. She refused to follow the traditional script for defeated politicians who offer gracious congratulations to their competitor and gently exit the stage. Instead, Abrams ended her campaign in an unapologetically indignant tone that established herself as a leading advocate for voting rights.

ATLANTA (AP) - Republican Brian Kemp is congratulating Democrat Stacey Abrams on a hard-fought campaign for Georgia governor, but says it's time to put the race behind him and focus on leading the state. Kemp held a news conference Saturday, the day after Abrams acknowledged her GOP opponent had won but refused to concede.

ATLANTA (AP) - Federal authorities say more guns have been seized at security checkpoints in Atlanta's airport during 2018 than at any other airport in the nation. The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports that nearly 300 firearms have been found this year at Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport. That means it has set a record even before the year ends. Atlanta's airport has held the No. 1 spot in the nation for guns uncovered at checkpoints for the past two years.

ATLANTA (AP) - Georgia lawmakers ended their special legislative session Saturday with the state Senate giving final approval to $470 million in emergency aid and tax incentives victims of Hurricane Michael while also passing a $40 million tax break for airlines. The Senate voted unanimously to approve the two hurricane relief bills, which had previously cleared the House.

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