WASHINGTON (AP) - A bill working its way through Congress would expand three national historic sites in Georgia. The largest public lands bill Congress has considered in a decade passed the Senate and is now pending in the House.

ATLANTA (AP) - The action at the Georgia legislature began to pick up pace this past week as the 2019 session approaches the half-way mark. Friday marked legislative day 16 of 40. The week saw the first bill signed by the governor _ a measure that clarifies when vehicles can pass a school bus _ as well as movement around medical marijuana cultivation in the state and drone activity near prisons.

ATLANTA (AP) - Three months after a much-disputed election for Georgia governor, lawmakers have filed a bill to make the state use voting machines that have electronic ballot markers and print a paper ballot. The House bill, filed Thursday, addresses some aspects of election law criticized during Republican Gov. Brian Kemp's successful race against Democrat Stacey Abrams last year.

WASHINGTON (AP) - A colleague of Patrick Caddell says the pollster who helped propel Jimmy Carter in his longshot bid to win the presidency has died. He was 68. Caddell died Saturday after suffering a stroke. That's according to Professor Kendra Stewart of the College of Charleston, who confirmed the death to The Associated Press. Caddell eventually drifted away from the Democratic Party and began advising supporters of Republican Donald Trump and was a contributor to Fox News for a time.

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