Terrell Bush is Justin Trimble's cousin and now he's mourning the death of two cousins.

He says Trimble loved his family and riding his motorcycle.

“He just loved life. He loved his wife and his kids. He loved taking nice rides down on the lake,” said Bush

Early last  week Trimble was on his motorbike traveling west through the Wilcox Tunnel. Police say Trimble didn't negotiate the turn and went over a curb and into the woods. 

No one knew where he was for more than a week.  

Terrell led a search effort.

“Somebody sent me a post and it was true. They said your cousin is always your first best friend, you all play together. Your cousin will always be your first best friend,” said Bush. 

Another cousin, Derrick Bush tried looking for him as well.

He was seriously injured in an accident while trying to help. 

“It happened so fast. The only thing we were trying to do was get to him and make sure he's okay,” said Bush.

Terrell says Derrick was fighting for his life while family and friends continued their searched for Justin.

Derrick died Monday, the same day Trimble's body was found.

“He sacrificed his life to find his cousin. Just like any of my family. So Derek is the hero,” said Bush.

Terrell says this double tragedy is bringing the family together

“We came together as a family for one goal, to find Justin,” said Bush.