A veteran, visiting the Chattanooga National Cemetery, leaves livid after finding American flags on the ground. 

It happened last Tuesday as volunteers and crews were taking down Memorial Day flags but cemetery staff say the volunteers removing the flags had the best of intentions. 

Vietnam veteran Don Strube and his friend discovered dozens of American flags rolled up in piles on the ground last Tuesday. 

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"These are veteran's flags. They flew on their graves and then to disgrace them by rolling them up and putting them on the ground, just ate my crawl," Strube said. 

Strube took his concerns to cemetery staff even offering to help pick the flags up himself because he said an American flag should never touch the ground. 

"I said I'd be more than happy to pick those flags up and put them in my trunk," he added. 

Bill Sachse works at the Chattanooga National Cemetery as a program support assistant. He said volunteers turned out in record numbers that day to help take down the flags. 

Sachse said no disrespect was intended and respecting the flag and those who are buried at the cemetery is something staff take very seriously. Sachse is a veteran himself, serving 26 years in the United States Air Force. 

"It's very emotional to me being a veteran. Chattanooga is a great veteran's city. They always show their support for veteran's here," he said. 

With more volunteers coming out to take down Memorial Day flags each year, Saches says going forward the staff will make sure more storage bins are available to make sure this doesn't happen again.