UPDATE: Three people are facing felony charges in Bradley County for shooting guns in the backyard of a home into a wooded area.

Police were called after some of those bullets hit neighboring homes and damaged property.
Three homes were hit and three families are shaken up from the incident.

It was right as Henry Perna was falling asleep Tuesday night when he heard gunshots a little too close for comfort.

"When the bullets started hitting the house, that was scary," Perna said, "It was a different type of sound, you know something hit the house."
Perna called police and met them outside, and the shooting continued.

"When the police arrived, they were shooting again," he said, "Even the police at that time got worried because he heard bullets hit the trees."

Each one of the three homes along Van Davis Road now has bullet holes. No one was hurt but people living here were evacuated as a safety precaution.

"And it sounded like firecrackers, and apparently from the police report the firecrackers are the bullet holes from an AR," said another neighbor.

An AR-15 and two pistols are the weapons police said are responsible for the damage.
On the other side of the woods, police found three people who they said admitted responsibility.
Stefanie Silk, 32, of Margate, FL is charged with eight counts of Reckless Endangerment.
Christopher Majeske, 40, and Cejay Hammack, 28, of Cooper City, FL are charged with Aggravated Reckless Endangerment because police said the two had been drinking.

The homeowner didn't want to go on camera, but gave Channel 3 an exclusive look from the shooters' point of view, from the backyard from where the shots were fired.

The police report states the three were shooting at a five gallon jug onto a utility trailer, Majeske told police "they were shooting towards the woods and believed it to be in a safe manner."
The Bradley County Sheriff's Office confirms the two females who were charged are first responders, visiting from Florida.

Hammack is a police officer and Silk is a firefighter.

"It's troubling for anybody to shoot any gun in a direction where it could strike a person or strike a house," said Lt. James Bradford, Bradley County Sheriff's Office.

Bradford said there's no law or regulation to restrict legal gun owners from shooting guns on their property.
However there are two conditions that factor into breaking the law gun owners needs to be 1) shooting in a safe manner  and 2) shooting in a safe direction.
If not, charges can be filed.


Three people are behind bars in the Bradley County jail after shooting firearms in a residential area. 

Bradley County Deputies responded to Van Davis Road N.W. in reference to someone shooting firearms in the area. Upon arrival, a residence in that area had been shot, and deputies could still hear gunfire in the woods behind the residence. Residents around the area were evacuated by police as a safety precaution. The residents were evacuated because the shots were being fired were striking tree limbs and various other objects around houses. 

During an investigation, deputies were able to find a location of the gunfire was coming from a residence on No Pone Road N.W.  Deputies made contact with three people who admitted to shooting firearms, and two of them had the odor of alcohol emitting from them. Police said multiple ammunition rounds that had been shot were located by deputies on the residence's driveway. 

Three people have been charged with 8 counts of Aggravated Reckless Endangerment: Christopher N. Majeske, 40, Bradley County Resident, Cejay R. Hammack, 28, of Cooper City, FL, Stefanie Silk, 32, of Margate, FL 

A further investigation revealed multiple bullet entrance holes were inside three occupied residences on Van Davis Rd.