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UPDATE: Jacobi stops by WRCB with once stolen Olympic Gold Medal

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Some of Jaconi's personal belongings were recovered, but not his Olympic gold medal. Some of Jaconi's personal belongings were recovered, but not his Olympic gold medal.
Joe Jacobi's 1992 Olympic Gold Medal Joe Jacobi's 1992 Olympic Gold Medal
Joe Jacobi Joe Jacobi

UPDATE: An Atlanta family found part of the Olympic gold medal stolen from Olympian Joe Jacobi's car in Atlanta. Six year-old Chloe Smith and her parents found "the most important part" of Joe Jacobi's stolen Olympic gold medal.

Jacobi won the medal while competing in the Canoe Slalom event in the 1992 Olymics in Barcelona, Spain.

Two car thiefs were caught on video breaking into Jacobi's car while parked at an Atlanta restaurant. His backpack, containing the medal, a laptop and other items was taken.

The backpack and laptop were found the next day near the trash bins/dumpster at Seven Courts Apartments on 2800 Martin Luther King, Jr Drive in Atlanta.

A $500 reward and a rafting trip have been offered to encourage anyone with information about the missing medal to come forward

PREVIOUS STORY: As the search continues for Olympian Joe Jacobi's gold medal, the family is now offering a $500 reward for the prized medal from the 1992 Summer Olympics in Barcelona, Spain.

In the Facebook post made Thursday, the flyer explains that the gold medal is not real gold, and that its value is symbolic to the family.

Lisa Riblet Jacobi, wife of Olympian Joe Jacobi, posted on Facebook that some of the contents stolen from their vehicle have been recovered.

The vehicle, a black Volkswagen Passat, was stolen and recovered. Jacobi's laptop and journals, along with some other items, were also found. 

But still missing is Jacobi's prized Olympic gold medal, won at the 1992 Olympic Games in Barcelona.

For the last 24 years, Olympian Joe Jacobi carried his gold medal with him at all times to share his Olympic journey with others. Now he's taking to social media in hopes the public can help return his medal.

Monday night someone broke into his car parked outside La Fonda restaurant in Atlanta.

A good Samaritan snapped a  photo of the car the thieves left the scene in after swiping Jacobi’s backpack with the medal inside.

"I don't think anyone would ever imagine that there's an Olympic gold medal would be in a computer backpack," Jacobi said.

Jacobi won a gold medal in the C2 Canoe Slalom event in 1992. He was a part of the first American team to win a gold medal in the whitewater event. Now he's desperate to recover one of his most prized possessions.

"That Olympic medal has no real monetary value on the market. I think for us it's an opportunity for them to have their own Olympic gold medal moment by doing the right thing and return the medal," Jacobi said.

Many people online have asked, ‘why would he carry something so valuable?’ Jacobi said he understands the risk, but believes it’s an item/experience that should be shared.

That’s why two decades later he has continued to carry with him.

"To me putting a medal in a safety security box doesn't serve anybody, I take it everywhere I share it with as many people as I can. I estimate 10’s of thousands of people have touched and held that medal and when they do that it takes them to that experience,” Jacobi exclaimed.

He hopes to continue sharing his journey with others with or without the medal because the memory of the Olympic Games is something that can never be taken away from him. 

Jacobi is asking anyone is asking one with information to contact the Atlanta Police at 404-614-6544. 

Jacobi and wife have also partnered with Nantahala Outdoor Center (13077 Highway 19 W. Bryson City, NC 28713) in Bryson City in North Carolina. They ask that the medal be mailed to the center, no questions asked. 

PREVIOUS STORY: A local Olympian lost an Olympic gold medal to a smash and grab theft in Atlanta Monday.

Joe Jacobi won the Olympic Gold in Barcelona in 1992 for the United States in the canoe slalom event. He competed in both the 1992 Games and the 2004 Olympic Games in Athens.

Someone broke into Jacobi's car Monday, while parked at La Fonda, a Mexican restaurant on Howell Mill Road in Atlanta. 

The suspects grabbed Jacobi’s backpack, which contained his computer and his Olympic Gold Medal.

Jacobi also served as an Olympic commentator for NBC for the 1996 Olympic Games in Atlanta. He also worked as a commentator for Channel 3 for the 2008 Olympic Games in Bejing.

The Barcelona Olympic medal included a five-color ribbon attached to it.

As the suspect got away, Jacobi was able to snap off a photo of the rear of the car that the suspect jumped into, which was provided to Atlanta Police. The car was a black Volkswagen Passat with a Georgia temporary tag #20295512.

Anyone who has seen the medal, or who may have any information about it is asked to call Atlanta Police at 404-614-6544.

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