One of the leading causes of smartphone deaths can be attributed to water damage. According to some studies by insurance companies, dropping a phone in water causes around 20­ percent of all damage that cannot be repaired. During the summer, those numbers go even higher.

There are plenty of smartphone cases that claim to protect the device from water damage but we found one product that not only protects the smartphone, but allows users to listen to music while they swim.

The DryCase is a plastic pouch that keeps the smartphone airtight.

We tried it and found that it works. The phone is placed in the plastic envelope which is then sealed tight by rolling the pocket and using an attached clamp. Air is then sucked out of the bag using and squeeze pump. There is a port that connects an auxiliary cable to the phone's earphone jack.

That jack is protected from the elements by being connected to the pouch.

Regular headphones are not waterproof so the DryCase must be used with included ear buds.

We tested the DryCase out in a swimming pool by inviting swimmers to use their own smartphones. The case protected the devices from the water and the included ear buds provided a good sound, loud enough to be heard over the splashing water and any sound coming from outside the water on the pool deck.

We asked Josh Anderson, a swim instructor to try out the DryCase and he took it to the bottom of the 12' deep pool.

"I think it'd be a lot more interesting for people who want to workout and for people who want to listen to more than the splashing of arms and legs," he told us.

The DryCase is $40 and one of our favorite gadgets for the summer.