Sheriff Steve Ross says gardening helps teach inmates at the Polk County Jail about responsibility.

“When they come out they plant the seeds and they come out from day to day, they start seeing it come up and start showing a little pride,” said Ross. 

Sheriff Ross says the inmates eat the fruits of their labor.

It costs about eight dollars a day to feed an inmate and the garden can help offset some of the county's costs.

“A jail doesn't make money. We are trying to find any way we can to save our county money,” said Ross. 

Sheriff Ross says inmates grew their own food in the past and he decided to bring the garden back. 

They broke ground on the new garden one year ago. 

When the first year went well, he decided to keep the garden.

“It makes them feel like they really accomplished something. And then in a month or two they start seeing vegetables,” said Ross.

Sheriff Ross says the garden wouldn't be possible without donations from the community.

“Well the community has always been really helpful, anytime we have needs to help the inmates their really good,” said Ross.