A former Chattanooga Police Officer admitted to being a "crooked cop" and lying under oath in the third day of testimony in the Billy Hawk murder trial.

Terry Slaughter, a former CPD officer and homicide detective, testified against his old friend, Billy Hawk.

It was 35 years ago to the day, June 3, 1981, when Johnny Mack Salyer's body was found in a barrel on the lake.

Slaughter told jurors he was good friends with Billy Hawk in the '80s, and the two were "business partners" involving drugs.

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Slaughter said he had a phone conversation with Hawk before Salyer's murder, in which Hawk was upset with Salyer and "wanted to get rid of him."

"Billy, you don't want to do that, but he was still very persistent and I told him, okay Billy let me say this to you, you do what you want to do but if you do anything to Mr. Salyer where I have jurisdiction I will put your butt in jail," Slaughter said.

While Slaughter was on the stand, Defense attorney Bill Speak asked him if he was a crooked cop.

"Were you a crooked cop?" he asked, "At one point in time, yes," Slaughter replied.

Slaughter was an officer at the time of Salyer's death, but a few years later, Slaughter got into some trouble of his own.

"I was arrested and charged with making a false statement not under oath," he said.

Speak continued to try and discredit Slaughter's testimony, asking if he's ever lied while under oath.

"You lie under oath too don't you?" he asked, "I guess you could say I do, yes."

"Don't guess, do you lie under oath?" Speak asked again, "When I testified for Mr. Hawk I lied under oath, yes," Slaughter said.

Slaughter was the state's final witness. The defense will continue to call witnesses to the stand on Saturday morning, at 8:30 am.