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What The Tech? App of the Day: Pigment

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The coloring book craze for grown­-ups doesn't seem to be dying down as kids of all ages are picking up coloring books and crayons to do what practically all of us did as pre­-schoolers.

While actual printed coloring books are flying off bookstore shelves, coloring book apps are beginning to fill up the app stores. Most miss the mark, except Pigment.

Pigment is for iPhones and iPads (no Android version) that actually gives users the impression they're using real crayons and real paper. Most other apps just offer users the ability to tap on the screen to fill in a blank space on the pictures. Pigment goes a step farther in that users can choose to color in pencil, crayon, spray paint or marker. To color, the user draws on the screen. A stylus adds to the effect of coloring or drawing.

Pigment offers over 100 pictures and designs to choose from and 16 palettes of colors in the free version. A $3 premium version of the app adds hundreds more pictures and many other colors to choose from.

We chose an intricate design and could zoom in by pinching the screen with our fingers that gave us the ability to be more precise in where we were putting the color and staying inside the lines. A back­button is included as mistakes will happen.

Pigment also offers a selection of features where the artist can share their work on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, email or save to their camera roll on their device.

We tried over a dozen coloring book apps for iOS and Android devices and are most impressed with Pigment for its unique features that actually make it feel like you're coloring old-­school.

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