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Residents worry new development will create gentrification in Lincoln Park

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Office space and vacant homes sit across from Erlanger downtown, but that will soon change. Tuesday night the city voted 9-0 to approve a zoning request to build a multi-million dollar residential and commercial building. However, not everyone is happy to see this project happen.

Vanice Hughley is the President of the Lincoln Park Association she said city developers have inched closer and closer to her neighborhood over the years.

"We tryna keep our community intact. We know what gentrification is it is to roll us right out of here and we're really tryna keep it together," Hughley said.

City Council Chair, Yusuf Hakeem said that’s not the case and that the city has no plans to push residents out of the area. Hakeem said the council is working to get the community historically preserved.

Some residents disagree and believe this is a way for the city to spruce up what some might call an "eye sore" downtown.

Hughley says this has been an ongoing problem with the city and worries that herself and neighbors will get priced out eventually.

"Your thoughts don't mean anything to anyone but yourself so this is the norm, they roll right over you, they ask your opinion but it don't really matter the decisions been made they bring it to you but it's already been made,” Hughley said.

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