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Big Brothers Big Sisters looking for mentors

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DeMarcus Boyce comes from a big family.

Boyce says he's the oldest among his siblings.

“As a big brother back home I’m always looking out for my little brothers, I’m always giving them advice when I make mistakes and have successes,” said Boyce. 

When Boyce found out there were those without mentors he joined big brothers and big sisters as one. 

“They need people who can listen to what they are going through, what they are feeling. Our young people especially our boys have a need to be heard about what's going on in their world,” said Boyce. 

Boyce is also a case worker for the organization.

He says there are 126 kids looking for someone to look up 

to and 99 of them are boys.

“Being a mentor is pretty easy, if you see a kid doing something they didn't have any business doing, instead of turning a blind eye, you know tell them hey that's not the thing you should be doing,” said Boyce. 

Boyce says on a weekly basis he runs into 126 people who would make great role models. 

He says they are just afraid of the commitment.

“I think a lot of people have really big misconceptions about what mentorship is 4-6 hours a month is all that we require,” said Boyce. 

Boyce says every successful person at one point had a mentor. It just takes a person who is willing to pour into a child’s life.

“When you have a mentor you can see yourself in that person,” said Boyce. 

If you would like to become a mentor click here.

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