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Tree falls on Mustang during severe weather in Dalton

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Maro Peinado says it didn’t take long for the trees to come down. He says it happened in a blink of the eye.

“Everybody was just having a good time outside for Memorial Day; next thing you know it started raining; next thing you know it was over,” says Peinado.

Peinado says he came outside after the storm to find a branch landed on his new Mustang convertible.

UPDATE: Strong storms cause damage, evacuations in Dalton; gas leak repaired

“It’s a Mustang; it's a sports car; it's a muscle car; what guy doesn't want a muscle car, right,” Peinado says.

The storm's wrath also damaged school buildings and brought down power lines.

Blake Bates works for Clear Creek Tree Care. He volunteered his time Monday evening to remove trees from the road.

“I was fishing. When the storm come we quit fishing and rode through town and saw all the trees, so we started riding around seeing if we could help people out,” says Bates.

Peinado says he's thankful it was only his car that was hit by the trees and not his family.

“The important thing is that everybody was inside and nobody got hurt. We could have been outside and that tree could have fallen down onto the house. Many things could have happened,” says Peinado.

Peinado says he does have car insurance.

As of 11:11 p.m., North Georgia EMC reports about 15 outages remain in Whitfield County. Crews are working around the clock to restore power.

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