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Fallen veterans honored at Chattanooga National Cemetery

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Memorial Day is about paying tribute to the Americans who have given their lives serving our country. It's about honoring those who sacrificed everything to protect the freedoms we share each day. Monday’s ceremony at the Chattanooga National Cemetery was one filled with emotion and respect for the fallen and the families they left behind.

The ceremony is a yearly tradition at the Chattanooga National Cemetery. It is a time to take a moment to reflect and to thank the thousands of men and women who died for our freedom.

Bob Church walks the National Cemetery not to pay respects to one person but to honor them all. “Walking, reflecting, acknowledging the price that people pay,” said Church. He is one of the hundreds to visit the National Cemetery this Memorial Day. A simple salute to our nation's heroes. “There was an ultimate sacrifice and that is what we remember today.” Church says it's our duty to remember those who died for our freedom. “I look at some of the ages of these people who did make the ultimate sacrifice in their 20's and a lot of people went at a very early age. It’s unfortunate.”

It's the lesson Cecilia Bushman is trying to teach her grandchildren. “We owe our veterans a lot more than people give them credit for. I don't feel like partying is the way to honor them,” said Bushman. They came from Phoenix to attend the ceremony and to visit their family friend's final resting place. “We always try to remember him and bring him a wreath of something so he knows someone cares.”

With stars and stripes flying high over the Chattanooga National Cemetery it is a simple reminder of the price paid by our military service members and their families. “People paid a sacrifice. It needs to be remembered and the flag is a great acknowledgment to them to what they served under,” said Church.

The cemetery Director said Monday’s ceremony had more people attend than ever before. About 200 veterans from the Chattanooga area died this year.

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