It may take drivers in Whitfield County a little longer to get around town after two county roads caved in. 

The roads caving in created two different holes that only seem to be getting bigger. 

It happened along Dug Gap Road and Wheeler Dam Road over the weekend. Both roads are traveled pretty heavily. 

"They come to go to the dump or get mulch and realize they can't get through," Coy Bates said. 

The hole on Wheeler Dam Road forces those who travel the area to find an alternate route. 

Bates lives a few feet away and spent much of the day watching people turn around. 

"I don't mind them turning around in the driveway but they pull down into my driveway with trailers and some of them circle around in my yard and I don't much like that," he added. 

The closure is forcing drivers to go through Varnell or Cohutta adding up to 15 minutes to their commute. 

It's the same story a few miles away on Dug Gap Road, a route many drivers take instead of the interstate. 

Neighbors like Rick Sterchi noticed something wrong in the road days prior and grew worried for driver safety. 

"We found large pieces of tires out there, so somebody had a bad flat. We heard it for a couple of nights where they would hit the road really hard going through that area. They did put a dip sign up, but they should have closed the road much earlier," Sterchi said. 

Officials with the Whitfield County Public Works Department say both roads caved in after metal drainage pipes corroded. 

They will start repairs on both roadways on Tuesday and those who live in both areas hope it won't take long for them to finish.

"I hope they can't get it fixed tomorrow, because my wife drives back and forth to Calhoun and she'll have to go all the way back that way to get out," Bates said. 

No word on how long it will take crews to finish either project. 

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