Tonya Craft obtained her law degree Saturday from Nashville School of Law.

She says walking across the stage was the end to a horrific chapter in her life.

“I’m able to move forward, help do good things, and do it with a law degree to help validate and actually compliment my personal experience,” said Craft. 

In 2008 Craft taught kindergarten at Chickamauga Elementary School. 

She was accused of child molestation. 

In 2010 she was acquitted on all 22 counts.

Six years later with this degree, Craft says she wants to represent people who are falsely accused of sexual abuse. 

“It was a horrific situation, but I could either let it devastate me and put me in a position where I was just negative about life and the legal system and all these things, and I decided not to let it happen to me, so I wanted to help other people,” said Craft. 

Craft says there are those who deserve to go to jail for child molestation.

She says she has an intense vetting process so she doesn't represent those she believes are guilty. 

“I question individuals, I question them aggressively. I don't believe stuff they say just because they tell me. If there is a document they tell me exists, then I demand that I see that document,” said Craft. 

Craft says doing this type of legal work helps her heal,  and puts a positive spin on what she calls an unfortunate situation.

“My daughter probably put it best, one day when I had some really good news, I’ve had wonderful opportunities and she said: "You know mommy what people did and meant for bad has come 100 times good in your favor,” said Craft.