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Child bitten by dog in Bradley County

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The Bradley County Sheriff's Office is investigating a child bitten by a dog on Saturday. 

A Bradley County Sheriff's deputy stopped a vehicle traveling on the roadway with a child not restrained and sitting on a passenger's lap inside the vehicle. 

When the deputy approached the vehicle, he noticed a child bleeding, which was the result of a dog bite. Bradley County authorities said the 3-year-old boy was transported to Children's Hospital at Erlanger and the extent of the injuries are unknown at this time. 

Deputies contacted the S.P.C.A. about the incident and were told they would not need to respond because the dog involved was up to date on all shots and vaccinations. A neighbor agreed to quarantine the Lab/Chow mix for 15 days.

Residents told deputies that the dog was a neighborhood pet. Deputies said there is no history of the dog biting anyone.

Deputies went to the location where the child was bitten in order to investigate the circumstances of the incident, but they haven't been able to determine the cause.

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