Residents of a Chattanooga apartment complex are without water while crews repair a massive sinkhole that suddenly formed on Friday afternoon.

The giant sinkhole formed due to a water main break and nearly swallowed a man's car.

"It kept on sinking and sinking," said the driver, Karthikeyan Shanmugavel, who was driving to work when his car fell into the sinkhole.

As Shanmugavel was leaving the complex, he said he noticed water running over the asphalt.

Suddenly, his tires started to sink.

"Poor guy was just sitting in there with his car running," said resident Jeremy Crosby, who called 911.

"The water was going up into his hood. My neighbor tried to get him out with his truck and a cable," he explained. "It was just stuck."

Emergency crews stayed on the scene until a tow truck could pull the car out.

"It just kind of blew my mind," said resident Josh Kelley. "We literally just drove over this."

The broken pipe belongs to the apartment complex. A private plumbing company is handling repairs. 

"There was a private water line that broke in this apartment complex, and ultimately resulted in the sinkhole," said Casey Allen of Tennessee American Water.

Workers had to shut off water to the complex to stop the sinkhole from growing.

"The customers in this apartment complex won't have any water until the repairs can be made," Allen explained.

"I'm wondering how long it's gonna take them to fix it," said Crosby. "24 hours? 48 hours? That's my main concern right now."

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A large sinkhole opened in an apartment complex Friday afternoon, partially swallowing a car.

The sinkhole, in the parking lot at Mountain Brook Apartments, required the use of a wrecker to remove the vehicle.

There's no word on any injuries or what caused the sinkhole. Tennessee American Water has crews enroute to determine if a water main break may have caused the sinkhole.

Channel 3 has a crew at the scene and will update this story.