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FIRST ON 3: Chattanooga police increasing patrols in areas with most fatal crashes

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Chattanooga police are increasing patrols in some of the city's deadliest areas for traffic crashes.

Nine people have been killed this year in car crashes in Chattanooga. Seven of those have happened in the police department's Sector 3 which includes Brainerd Road, Highway 58, Bonny Oaks Drive and Lee Highway.

Now Lt. David Gibb with the department's traffic unit is announcing a new initiative to increase visibility in Sector 3 with the hopes of decreasing fatal crashes.

"It bothers me to see these kinds of things because these people are innocent people, you're just driving down the road," he said. "So we're gonna focus on these areas in Sector 3 and we're gonna stay there until the problem stops."

Starting Friday evening, Gibb is adding around 10-15 officers to patrol those dangerous areas in Sector 3. He'll get the additional manpower from his traffic officers or from extra police willing to put in more hours. He said he'll pay the officers using GHSO grant money or through overtime approved by Chief Fred Fletcher.

Gibb said it's all about increased visibility.

"Because you know if we can stop one person doing 25 miles over the speed limit and obviously issue that person a citation because they deserve it going that fast, it'll affect 50 to 100 other drivers because they'll see those blue lights and know the area where we're working," he said.

Gibb said to expect the initiative to last as long as there's a trend of fatal crashes in that area.

There's been 9 people killed in crashes this year in Chattanooga, which is 5 less than this time last year.

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