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What the Tech? Facebook Live Video Map

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Facebook introduced Live Video several weeks ago now the social network is making it easier for users to find any live broadcasts from around the world.

Facebook’s Live Video Map can be found on the left side of your home screen under Apps. It displays many of the live streams being broadcast from users. If those videos are set to public, they are placed on the map for anyone to view them.

We tried it and soon were watching live videos from homes, parties, concerts and little league baseball games from around the world.

Church services and graduation ceremonies were being streamed Sunday afternoon.

A large number of videos that we saw when clicking around the map were from Facebook users who were drinking, smoking what appeared to be marijuana and using foul language. Since none of the videos are being filtered or censored, users do not know what they will see until after they click on the map.

Parents should be aware that children can stream live video from anywhere they have access to a smartphone and that it is common to find videos with bad language or drug use.

Facebook Live Video and the map is still being rolled out slowly to Facebook users.

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