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Miracle League coming to Chattanooga

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Children with special needs will soon be able to play baseball in Chattanooga. 

Community members gathered Wednesday for the ground breaking of Warner Park Miracle Field, in the middle all the action: Jack Russell, 8. 

"He can't really play regular sports because if he was to fall, his neck would pop. So to play, they're like no. they don't want to take the risk of something major happening to his neck," Jack's mother Dana Russell said. 

The miracle field is designed to give kids like Jack the opportunity to play baseball regardless of their abilities. 

Right now, children with special needs from the Chattanooga area have to travel to Georgia to participate in the nearest Miracle League. 

"Everything is completely flat. The dugouts, there are no bases, everything is actually drawn on the field," Mike McGauley with the Chattanooga Rotary Club said.

"He can just go out there with the field being mesh, it's really soft. It's a really neat field. So if he was to fall, it wouldn't hurt him," Dana added. 

YMCA of Chattanooga will manage the sports activities on the field and is paid for through a number of organizations both public and private. 

"I think that's what makes Chattanooga a special place, is the partnerships that we see throughout the city, public and private come together to help kids with all abilities to enjoy a sport that we've all enjoyed throughout our life," District 1 Councilman Chip Henderson said. 

The field will give something to everyone who comes here, not just the players on the field. 

"When he's happy, of course mom's happy. To see their child out there giggling, laughing, you know, having fun," Dana added. 

The field is slated to be finished in late September. 

For more information about the Miracle League and it's mission, click HERE

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