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Catoosa County elections

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Catoosa County election officials weren't expecting a huge voter turnout on Tuesday, but there were several big races in the May election.

There were four contested races in Tuesday's election: the Board of Commissioners Chairman, tax commissioner, Sheriff, and State Representative for District 3. All of those races were on the GOP ticket.

It was a very close race for County Commissioner Chair. Steven Henry beat incumbent Keith Greene by just 52 votes.

Also, many eyes were on the race for Sheriff. Current Sheriff Gary Sisk was re-elected, taking 67-percent of the votes to defeat opponent Ben Scott.

Campaign volunteer Jean O'Rear said she cast her ballot early so she could spend her election day encouraging others to get to the polls.

"It's important for our county. It's important for our people," she said.

"We weren't really sure what to expect, because we had a really busy presidential preference primary, our busiest ever with like 13,000 voters," explained John Campbell, Custodian of Elections.

Officials said Tuesday's voter turnout didn't come close to the presidential primary race. They expected a smaller turnout of several thousand people.

"We kind of felt like it might be a little bit slow, and it has been a little bit slow," said Campbell.

Several voters were in it for the long haul, volunteering to hold signs for their favorite candidates.

"We've been out here since about 7:30 this morning," said Tommy Sisk.

Sisk was out supporting his brother, Gary Sisk, in the sheriff's race. However, he said all the races are important for the people who live here.

"The outcome of this dictates what happens in the county," he said. "There's a lot of different stuff going on, with the tax commission race, and everything else. We just hope for a good turnout."

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