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Georgia state officials ask voters to use social media responsibly while voting

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Georgia state election officials took to social media Tuesday, warning Georgia voters to resist the urge to snap photos, or "selfies," inside voting booths.
Georgia Secretary of State Brian Kemp Tuesday morning used the agency's Twitter and Facebook accounts to remind voters that such activity is illegal under state law.

Kemp said no pictures of ballots or voting machines are permitted, and cellphones can't be used inside the voting booths.

Instead officials encouraged voters to use social media to relay their voting experience and to report any irregularities or election complaints.
Kemp said in a statement that voters can post to the agency's Facebook (; Twitter (; and Instagram ( pages.

Kemp said that all complaints will be promptly reviewed by the agency's investigators. He said that if needed, officers will open a formal State Election Board investigation.

On Twitter, Kemp's office used the hashtag #PostThePeach, hoping that voters use it to encourage their friends to vote.

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