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Meth lab found in rental property owned by Tracy City mayor

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(WRCB) -- Mayor Larry Phipps says he was like a deer caught in the headlights when he found out what was taking place inside the trailer he was renting to someone.

“My first reaction was I couldn't believe this was happening, and it was happening on my property,” says Larry Phipps, Mayor of Tracy City.

Sunday morning Grundy County Deputies received a tip the person they had a warrant for was staying inside this trailer on Sims Street.

“We went to that residence to see if we could find this person, when we got there we had someone come to the door. We asked if that person was there, they said: "No" our deputies asked for consent to search for that person inside the residence,” said Clint Shrum, Sheriff, Grundy County Sheriff’s Office.

Deputies were given the okay to search the trailer. They didn't find the person they were looking for. Instead, they say they came across a marijuana growing operation. They also found meth, pills, and a firearm.

Four people were taken to jail.

Mayor Phipps says it's scary to know a drug operation was taking place on his property.

“The resale and all of that to the public is just a scary thought that all of that would happen,” says Phipps.

Sheriff Shrum says he's glad the drugs were in plain sight.

“You’ve always got to be vigilant when you are looking and diligent about what you are doing there, and that's what these deputies were doing,” says Sheriff Shrum.

Mayor Phipps says he's going to demolish the trailer.

“I just don't want it to happen in the place I use to live in," Phipps says. "I will just get rid of it; destroy it, whatever."

Jeremy Hill, Tracey Johnson, Amy Ledford, and David Sweeton all remain behind bars.

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