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What The Tech? Latest Facebook Scams

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There are two new Facebook hoaxes you should know about that can install malware or adware on your computer as well as spam your friends.

One is a post and link that claims to have a secret video recording of the late singer Prince, just moments before he died. The other is a coupon for Publix supermarkets that offers $75 dollar coupon. Both links are scams that are being passed around Facebook by users who 'like' or 'share' them with friends.

Clicking on the Publix coupon sends users to a third­party website that requires them to share it with friends and then prompts the user to click on another link. The click can install malware or adware on the user's computer.

Some things to examine before clicking on a link you believe could be spam:

  1. Is the deal too good to be true? The Publix coupon promises $75 off a total purchase of $80. We don't know of any retailer offering $80 worth of groceries for just $5.
  2. Does the link require you to share with your other friends and does it prompt you to another website where you must click again?
  3. Are there any spelling or grammatical errors? The fake Publix coupon is sent to celebrate the store's 92th anniversary rather than 92nd.

These signs are common among fake links and spam that circulate on Facebook.

Spam is growing on Facebook. Cisco released its annual security report this month that shows it found over 33­million unique Facebook spams being shared today.

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