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Kitten stuck in car engine survives 60-mile road trip

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All nine lives remain for a kitten that was saved by local rescue crews.

The kitten survived a trip from Scottsboro, Alabama -- all the way to Chattanooga -- underneath the hood of a man's car.

Rescuers worked for a couple of hours on Friday morning to get the baby cat to safety.

McKamey appropriately named her Traveler after making it through a 60-mile trip across state lines.

Nobody knows how the little kitten survived one heck of a road trip.

When the driver stopped for gas in Tiftonia, he heard an animal screaming from underneath his hood.

He couldn't find it anywhere, so he called McKamey for help.

"We could hear her crying, but we could not locate her anywhere," said McKamey Animal Services Office Leslie Stokes.

Piece by piece, Stokes and the driver dismantled the car, searching for the kitten for over an hour.

"The owner of the car didn't want to start his car," Stokes explained. "He was afraid (the kitten) would've been somewhere where she would've gotten killed. He didn't want to just be driving down the interstate, and then her fall out from underneath the car. So that's when I called for backup."

Three Chattanooga firefighters showed up with their rescue tools.

"It was definitely not the typical cat in a tree," said Chattanooga firefighter Jeremy Williams.

Rescue crews said Traveler wasn't easy to catch. She moved from under the engine to behind the headlight.

"We finally got to where we could get our hands on the cat," said Williams, "then she went down under the bumper."

After nearly another hour, she finally hopped out near one of the wheels.

Williams said these kinds of animal rescues are part of the job.

"We expect it," he said. "Animals get in places where people can't get them out. And if they don't know who to call, they'll call the fire department, and we see what we can do."

Vets examined Traveler and she appears to be fine. Now, she just needs a home.

"Since she's been here, she's been loving," said Stokes, "and just wants all the attention she can get!"

Rescuers said Traveler lost her voice after excessive yelling during the rescue.

McKamey will hold her for 5 days. Officials believe she was a feral kitten, but if an owner does not come forward, she will be available for adoption.

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