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UPDATE: Man thankful for no injuries after tree falls on home

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Photo by WRCB photojournalist Timothy Bradfield. Photo by WRCB photojournalist Timothy Bradfield.

UPDATE: Neighbors in one East Ridge community are staying with relatives this evening as they wait for power to return after a tree fell on their homes Friday night.

It happened shortly after 9:00 p.m. On Clemons road. The tree fell in between two homes on the 56-hundred block. The massive tree must be removed from Stephen Pollard's front yard before his power can be restored.

Stephen Pollard came home to an unwelcomed surprise Friday evening. The old hardwood tree in his neighbors back yard, was now in his front yard. 

"They say the tree was rotted out when I got here last night, I got to take a look at it. The hole is big, they say termite damage," Pollard said. 

Tree branches and down power lines cover most of the yard on Clemons road.  The homeowner says it was a close call. 

"Hey, the house is still standing, for a tree that big. It could have easily fallen," said Pollard.

Stephen Pollard wasn't home at the time, but his next door neighbor,  Jessica Coots was, she heard a cracking noise and rushed out of her bedroom. 

"I knew exactly what it was because the April 27th storms. I took off running to the opposite side of the house. It was the only thing I knew to do," said Coots.

It's no surprise for Coots the tree came crashing down. She says it was just a matter of time.

"It was about a month ago I noticed the tire swing was getting lower to the ground. I thought, oh God this trees about to go anytime. I don't know when but hopefully I'm not home," Coots said.

Pollard says this tree landed in the perfect position. It fell on the back corner of his house and scraped the side of his neighbor's home. He doesn't see any damage inside his home and not too much on the outside.

"The electrical box on the side of the house. Might be roof damage, we have to wait to clear out the tree to figure out the rest," said Pollard

He says its more of an inconvenience, but an inconvenience that could have caused serious damage.

"If I would have been home I would have been SOL (sorry out of luck) because that's where I park my car and I would not have a car today," said Pollard

There were no injuries reported. Neighbors say they hope to have the tree removed by early next week.

PREVIOUS STORY: A tree fell on an East Ridge home tonight.

It happened shortly after 9:00 p.m. on Clemons Road.

Officials say a tree fell on a home in the 5600 block.

Our crew on the scene says the large tree fell on the back of the house, scraping the side of the neighbor's home in the process, due its width.

Live were down around the home causing it to lose power. Power has since been restored.

Officials say no one was home at the time of the fall, so no one was injured.

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