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Eye on Health: Kidney Stone Treatment

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Gary Moore loves to travel. Photography is one of his hobbies.

But earlier this year he found himself in the emergency room being treated for a kidney stone, a diagnosis that likely saved his life.

Doctors discovered a tumor on his kidney.

Gary Moore says "They let me know right off without delay that 80% of them are cancerous so you don't want to sit on it too long."

Doctors tell us kidney tumors aren't that common, but when they appear, treating them appropriately is very important because the kidney tumors can be very aggressive and when they spread the outcome often isn't good.  

Gary found himself at CHI Memorial Hospital undergoing a Partial Nephrectomy. We were inside the operating room as he underwent the procedure.

Dr. Jeff Mullins, Urologist CHI Memorial says "The goal is to remove the cancerous cells while leaving the maximum number of non functioning kidney cells behind."

Dr. Mullins says "So what we do is get the kidney exposed, localize cancerous cells and then using robotic technology we are able to precisely identify tumor boundaries, cut it out, leaving behind 90% of the kidney."

And that means a much better outcome for patients.

Dr. Jeff Mullins says  "The reality is most people who even have a whole kidney removed won't go on dialysis, but it makes sense if you leave more functioning kidneys behind, the risk of dialysis in the long term is less."

But Dr. Mullins says the key is to catch it early.

Dr. Jeff Mullins says "Kidney cancer once it's spread beyond the kidney, unfortunately is very incurable.

Gary is glad his was caught in time. So he can eventually get back to what he enjoys.

Gary Moore says "If you feel something going on don't pass it off as you're just getting older or working in the yard too much."
Don't hesitate, go see your doctor.

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