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Chattanooga cyclists celebrate "Bike to Work Day"

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Friday is national "Bike to Work Day" and people in Chattanooga celebrated by doing just that.

Cyclists took a pit stop on their ride to work Friday morning for a free breakfast at Miller Plaza.

"There's never been a better opportunity to bike around Chattanooga," said Nick Rutledge. "Before it seemed almost non-existent but now it's a huge part of the community and with races like Ironman this weekend and all the other biking events that come to town, it's really raised awareness that this is an extremely viable means of transportation and extremely valuable to get around town."

Avid cyclist Nick Rutledge bikes to work everyday and Friday was no different as he and dozens of others participated in "Bike to Work Day." The event's organizer said the goal was to raise awareness for sharing the road with cyclists.

"While we see more cyclists out there, we also see more understanding from all the vehicles on the road. We're learning as a community how to get where we want to go more safely and more effectively everyday," said Jonathan Gibbons. "The bike lanes, the share roads, the bicycle signals painted on the roads, all of those help raise awareness that whenever you're on a city street, you can expect to find yourself with other vehicles."

The day's events include a bike to "Burgers to Berke" from Miller Park to Big River at 12 noon. The day concludes with a "Bikers Meet Bikers" event from 6-7 p.m. at Nightfall at Miller Plaza. Motorcyclists and bicyclists are invited to help promote road safety and driver awareness of all the different vehicles on Chattanooga streets.

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