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What the Tech? App of the Day Burner

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It's getting easier to hide your tracks on the internet. While popular social media apps like Snapchat will make messages and photos disappear, the Burner app will make it seem like you don't exist.

Burner gets its name from burner phones that are often used in movies and tv shows by drug dealers. These are phones that are purchased in discount stores that have disposable phone numbers. The phone number is random and lasts for a set number of days. Once the time is up, inexpensive burner phones are thrown away.

The Burner app works the same way.

It works with both ios and android devices and will give you a temporary, disposable phone number. Sign up, pay a few bucks and you'll get to pick from any area code. Using the app, you'll be able to make calls from that number and receive calls to that number and it won't show up in someone's caller I.D.

At any time, the number can be 'burned', leaving no record it was ever used on your device. Some people use the app to cover their tracks. It's used by drug dealers, cheating spouses and teenagers who have something to hide. But the company suggests more reputable uses. A number you can use to post ads online to Craigslist, or Uber drivers may prefer to use it rather than giving up their private phone number. The company says it is also good for dating so the user can give someone a burner number until they know more about them.

The app is free but it costs money to use it. $2 dollars buys 20 minutes of talk time and 60 text messages. The number automatically burns in 2 weeks.

For $5 dollars you can text photos and get nearly an hour of talk time over a 30 day period.

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