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Traffic light coming to 'dangerous' Catoosa County intersection

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Catoosa County residents are calling on county and state officials to make changes to one intersection to make it safer.

Just feet away from one crash victim's memorial are tire marks from a separate crash at the same intersection at the corner of U.S. 27 and Twin Cedars Road.

Hearing of more crashes at the same intersection are fueling one family's fight to get a traffic signal installed there.

"This one intersection has caused so much damage, heartbreak, loss," said Jerry Parker.

A cross was placed at the scene after 35-year-old Joe Cowan died in a motorcycle crash nearly a year ago.
Jerry Parker's 11-year-old daughter was also involved in the crash, she was seriously injured but survived.

Since that day, their families have been asking for a stop light at the intersection.

"Still here it is almost a year later that there's no red light there, and there was an accident yesterday that brought up more memories again and it upset my daughter," Parker said

Parker says he see accidents at that intersection all the time.

One happened on Tuesday when an elderly woman was sent to the hospital. She was injured, along with the other driver, but both are expected to be okay.

"This accident yesterday could have been avoided," Parker said.

The Catoosa County Manager and the Georgia Department of Transportation said a traffic light project is in the works.
County Manager Jim Walker said they are working through the legal process to get the right of way to use the privately-owned land at each corner.
Then, GDOT can begin sending out contract bids for construction.

The project would include widening the lanes on Twin Cedars Road to create turning lanes, and installing a traffic light.

There is no completion date set as of now, but the county hopes the stoplight is installed by the end of the year.

For Jerry Parker, each day a stop light is not installed, is a day too late.

"And if they had done it before last year, my kid's stepdad would still be alive, and my daughter would not have been injured," he said.

At this point no charges have been filed in the case that killed Joe Cowan, and seriously injured Parker's daughter, but Georgia State Patrol says it's still and ongoing criminal investigation and they plan on taking the case to court.

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