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UPDATE: Thieves caught not-so-discretely stealing from St. Elmo restaurant

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UPDATE: The the lights that were stolen from Purple Daisy Picnic Cafe have been recovered. 

The owner of the store tells Channel 3 they were able to recover the lights and is working on getting the names of the thieves to press charges. 

Stay with Channel 3 as this story develops. 

PREVIOUS STORY: A restaurant owner in St. Elmo is taking things into his own hands after some antique lights outside his business turned up missing. 

Purple Daisy Picnic Cafe Owner Tony Davis tells Channel 3 the lights had been taking down while the city worked on the sidewalk outside his business. 

He was still in the process of figuring out how he was going to use them when thieves decided to help themselves. 

"It's not about the money or the lights, it's about someone taking something that doesn't belong to them, so I hope someone will know who they were," Davis said. 

Surveillance pictures show the thieves not-so-discretely driving away Sunday with antique lights in tow. 

"They were put in when the building was build like around the late 40s or 50s," he added. 

Davis said it didn't take long for him to notice the lights were gone when he got to work Monday morning. 

"We have security surveillance, so I went and started finding where they had come and staked it out and let somebody off to come and try to take them apart," he said. 

When they didn't have luck taking them apart, Davis said that's when the thieves loaded them up, fully intact. 

Now he's using the power of social media, hoping it will crack the case before handing it over to police. 

"There were bicycles, people walking, cars all over the surveillance videos. Somebody saw this going on," he said. 

If you recognize the people in the pictures, the owner asks that you give him a call at 423-822-6477.   

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