Steven Marshall knows all about crime one the street. 

He’s been in those handcuffs. The gang life handcuffed him too. 

“The violence and the young kids getting guns and carrying them and just shooting them,” said Marshall.

Marshall says he grew up in an abusive house. He joined a gang because he thought that's where love was. 

“By me hitting the streets at the age of 16,I've seen people get shot,” said Marshall.

Marshall now spreads the gospel through rap music with three others. 

They are part of the Save The Youth Tour. The group performs for young people in at-risk neighborhoods 

“A young kid steps up to you and people say he's been doing drugs and is in gangs, and I’m going to remember that,” said Marshall.

Marshall hopes their music can make just one person change his tune. 

“You got to reach them kids when they are in the elementary stage. You have too!” said Marshall.

Marshall knows the group can't change everybody, but they hope to show love before a criminal does.

“It’s a good feeling to be able to express your emotions on paper, when you rapping for a good cause it makes you feel good inside,” said Marshall.