Six Chattanooga police officers are being honored for their courage and sacrifice on July 16th. The Chattanooga Police Department is one of nine departments in the nation with officers being awarded with the national honor.

It's been nearly 10 months since Chattanooga police put themselves in front of harms way, when a shooter opened fire at two military service centers. 

Five officers fired back, killing the shooter. Officer Dennis Pedigo was shot in the attack.

The bravery from that day is now being recognized on a national level as all six officers have been chosen to receive a Top Cops Award. 

The award is from the National Association of Police Organizations and pays tribute to outstanding law enforcement officers across the country for actions that go above and beyond the call of duty. 

One Top Cops case is chosen from each state, and then the top 10 cases are ranked and recognized at an awards ceremony in Washington D.C. 

Chattanooga police will be at the ceremony on Saturday.

"These six officers were there and they did what needed to be done that day to save other people's lives," CPD officer Lorin Johnston, the 2012 recipient of the award.

The Hamilton County Sheriff's Office Honor Guard will participate in that memorial service in Washington tonight. 

The guard will represent local law enforcement at the ceremony, which includes a park ranger who died from injuries in an accident, and the six officers who responded to the July 16th terrorist attacks. 

The Sheriff's Office says the honor guard members train every year for this event. 

This is the fifth year they have been asked to participate in the ceremony.