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What the Tech? Facial Recognition

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Facebook lost a court case last Thursday in which it was alleged the social network used facial recognition of users and asked other users to tag them in photos.  The judge ruled it was a violation of privacy.

Facial recognition, or biometrics is the practice of using technological techniques that rely on measurable physical characteristics that can be automatically checked. Facebook, Google and the photo network Shutterfly have been accused of using biometrics without notifying users/customers. The use of biometrics poses significant risks to users of social networks and search engines, as we are constantly posting information and photos online. Facebook users often tag themselves and their friends in photos, matching faces, names and personal information.

People who use Google Photos also allow the web service to search for images on a computer using facial recognition to more easily search for and add people to online photo albums.

Privacy laws prevent companies such as Facebook and Google from sharing information with other companies and the government, however the information exists and some conspiracy theorists will argue it is possible for agencies to access the information.

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