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City of Chattanooga settles with woman after she broke her wrist on uneven sidewalk

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It’s this stretch of sidewalk on Broad Street where a North Georgia woman fell, breaking her wrist.

City councilman, Larry Grohn is familiar with the claim, and admits the city should have done more to prevent it. 

“The city has to take responsibility in terms of maintaining our infrastructure to keep citizens safe, and if we do not do that there is a degree of responsibility that we as city government have to be accountable for,” said Larry Grohn, Councilman. 

In the lawsuit, filed in 2014, Sue Wilson, a resident of Chatsworth Georgia, alleges it was a patch of broken and uneven sidewalk that caused her to fall, the injury required surgery.

Wilson, who did not want to comment on the agreement, asked a judge to award an appropriate amount of money to cover medical bills and personal suffering. 

The City of Chattanooga settled with Wilson’s attorneys out of court, agreeing to pay $110,000.

“To me it's very disappointing that we don't catch things. I think it would be great if we could have a continuing education for all city employees,” said Grohn. 

Councilman Grohn would like to see city employees catch things before they pose a risk to someone's safety.

“It's a situation of making sure that all city workers are cognizant, that they are aware of their surroundings as they go about their duties,” said Grohn. 

Grohn says over the last three years he can recall the city settling more than a dozen lawsuits, costing tax payers about a million dollars.

He urges city residents to call 311 if they spot a problem, in hopes of preventing any future cases. 

“A simple phone call might save someone pain and aggravation, and save the citizens of Chattanooga tax dollars that could go to other more worthy purposes,” said Grohn.

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