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Rogersville continues to pray and remains hopeful for Carlie Trent's return

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More than 100 people gathered at a candlelight vigil in Rogersville Saturday night for 9-year-old Carlie Trent.

Family, friends, and even people who didn't know Carlie came to pray for her return. 

Many of those in attendance wore purple, Carlie's favorite color.  Everyone was ready to lift her up in prayer and show support for a girl whose safety is on the hearts of the entire Rogersville community.

Many parents brought their own children with them.

Several mothers wanted to be there out of solidarity. One mother said, "It's kind of hard to watch someone else go through it, and you can imagine yourself going through it."

After the candles were lit, Carlie's mother, Shannon Trent, took the stage with an emotional show of gratitude.

"I really am so thankful to every single one of you for helping, for being there," said Trent as she was overwhelmed by tears. "I just want her to come home."

Shannon said if anyone is willing to put together a search party, she is willing to travel anywhere to find her daughter.

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