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Armed Forces parade holds special meaning

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Chattanooga native Michael McNabb has been coming to the Armed Forces Day parade ever since he can remember. It's been a family affair through the decades.

"I love the patriotism. I love seeing Chattanooga turn out," says McNabb. "My parents brought me here, I guess, when they had to carry me. I've never missed one--ever, ever, ever. My dad, all my uncles--World War Two."

Even though he's never served in the military, the 55-year-old honors those who do. McNabb thinks this crowd seems bigger than usual, and the July 16th shootings from last year may be the reason.  

"Because of the turmoil in the world and what's going on, people are back to backing up our military," adds McNabb.

 The crowd certainly impressed Marine Corps 1st Sergeant Bill Conner.

"The city of Chattanooga is very patriotic and thoroughly enjoys its marines and all the military," Conner has noticed.

He wasn't at the reserve center during the shootings, but has been working there since February of this year. He feels the ongoing support of the community.

"For all of us, for all the Marines that have been served and all of us who have received some type of support from the community since the July 16th shootings, this was a great thing for us to be able to have," says Conner.

He's been serving for 21 years and says the parade was special also because the featured highlight was the Marine Corps.

It was the 67th year for the parade and some military officials say it had the most entries in its history.

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