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Walker County cemetery gets new make-over after several complaints

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Crestlawn Memorial Park in Walker County is getting a full makeover after several people made complaints saying the property was in poor condition, Wednesday.  

Lena Arnold contacted Channel 3s 3 On Your Side for help. She says she trying to be the voice for her in laws, Mabel and Clayton Arnold, who are buried in the cemetery.  

"There was no weed-eating done, there was trees growing up by the stairs, at the office there's trees growing up the," said Arnold. " It looks like it's abandoned, of course we know that their spirit is not there but that's the last place we seen them and you know I think it's a disgrace to the dead."

 Arnold says the conditions at Crestlawn Memorial have been troubling for months with tall grass, trash and an abandoned office with broken windows.

 "I have flowers to put out on their graves but I haven't put them out there because it looks o bad," said Arnold. 

Dennis camp says he is the cemetery's new owner. He and his crew got got to work as soon as they heard about the complaints. 

"They had every right to be upset, the grass needed cutting, it had been cut once but the weed-eating had not been done so they had every right to be upset," said Dennis Camp, Camp's Grave Services. " I was buying it from Steve and he and I was getting the paperwork together. It was a miscommunication, he thought I was going to cut the grass and I thought he was going to cut it."

Camp says there's a lot of work to do like planting grass, straightening out headstones and getting the office back up and running. 

"We've been cutting the grass and getting all of the flowers from before Christmas and some of them faded from years past, we are cleaning the headstones out," said Camp. "I hope they see things will change for the better. We are having a sign made now with telephone numbers on it so if they need anything they can call us direct. 

The new owner says it will take about 30-60 days to get the cemetery fully operational.  Workers say they hope to have the gravel road fixed-up by Mother's day.

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