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Proposed cell tower could pay for new East Ridge football stadium

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Some local leaders are hoping a new proposed cell tower could fully fund a new football stadium for East Ridge High School.

The school's stadium was condemned and torn down last year. And as of now, student-athletes have no home stadium for next season.

"Next season they'll be pulling out lawn chairs and stuff like that like they did last year unfortunately," said Hamilton Co. Commissioner Tim Boyd.

Tim Boyd told his fellow commissioners Wednesday there's a proposed cell tower to be built on East Ridge High School's property. He said he'd like to use money from the $460,000 lease to help fund a new $300,000 football stadium.

"This is new-found money. It's a very unique opportunity for East Ridge to take advantage of and to have a private company virtually pay for the stadium," he said. "So the idea is you take the revenues off the cell tower lease and you use those revenues to service the debt to borrow $300,000 from the bond and pay for the stadium with private money."

Boyd wants to amend a resolution that would give the money to the stadium. The commission voted to table the resolution until next week. The county attorney said the resolution would require agreement from school board members. School Board Member David Testerman told Channel 3 it's a smart plan and he expects the school board's support.

Channel 3 will keep you updated on what happens next week.

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