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Police find little girl, 2 dogs inside student's car at Chatt State

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A Chattanooga State student was arrested while at school for leaving a little girl in her car. 

The car was found on campus Friday afternoon.

When police broke into the vehicle, there were two more surprises. 

Shea Anderson, 24, is facing charges of child abuse and neglect. 

Police say the little girl was sweating inside the white SUV parked in a lot outside a classroom building. They also discovered a white pit bull in the front floorboard and a black puppy in a clothes hamper in the back seat. 

Police say the SUV was running at the time but the air conditioning was blowing hot air. 

"Even at 70 degrees, a lot of people go out at 70 degrees and think it's not too bad, I'll leave the windows cracked a little bit. That can climb to 80 degrees, 89 degrees in a very short amount of time," McKamey Animal Services Director Jamie McAloon said. 

When investigating these kinds of cases, officers with McKamey carry radar guns to measure a car's temperature accurately. 

"We point it and there's the infrared and it can read exactly the temperature inside the car so actually right here, it would be 72.8 degrees," Officer Scarlet Knight said. 

Officials in this case were able to intervene just in time, but sometimes that's isn't always the case. 

Which is why McAloon says it's crucial to call police or animal control immediately. 

"Someone has to get on scene there quickly. If we can't get the dog out via the owner coming back or opening the car door, then we will probably have to break a window," she added. 

The little girl was taken into DCS custody. The dogs were taken by McKamey. 

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