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Local non profit seeking donations to continue their mission

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Michael McClendon says when he got out of prison three-years-ago, he felt  compelled to feed at-risk youth and the homeless. 

“Why do you do that? Why do you go help them at the projects? I don't know how not to. I don't know how to explain it than how can you not? If you see a man hurting how you could not help him,” said McClendon. 

McClendon who is the President of Whatever It Takes Ministries serves food to dozens in the East Lake community.

He does it with the help of other volunteers every weekend. 

“I go with the basic. It’s hot dog, chili, onions, slaw. I slam everything on the hot dog,” said McClendon. 

McClendon says he just wants to stop kids from going down the path he went down.

“I can see eye to eye with them. When I tell them brother it’s wrong to drink until you fall out, and they would say who you to tell me that are. I use to drink until I fell out too,” said McClendon. 

In order to continue to reach people McClendon needs more food to serve. 

“If you are not involved in this cause you need to get involved in something. There is people who need your help,” said McClendon. 

McClendon says there is no greater feeling than doing something for a man who can't repay you. 

“When a man looks at you and he is 64-years-old and he cries and grabs you and hugs you and say brother I love you, there is nothing like that,” said McClendon. 

If you want to donate visit here

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