When Jimmy Ingram, pastor of Mt. Peria, saw what the storm did, he wasn't sure the church would rebuild.

Ingram says he thanks God for bringing his congregation through the storm.

“Just to give Him glory for what He has done. He has covered us. We find ourselves under the shadow of The Almighty,” says Ingram.

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Wednesday, members of Mt. Peria met to reflect.

The 2011 super outbreak ravaged the church. The church's pews and a Bible were the only things salvageable after the storm.

“When I looked at the people, they were wondering how we were going to make it,” says Ingram.

Soon bulldozers and dozens of helping hands showed up to help the church get back on its feet.

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“Words, I have not words to describe what it really means just to give Him glory for what he has done,” says Ingram.

Today, the congregation worships in a bigger sanctuary.

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“I think about the first part of job, when we lost everything we had, but God replaced it with something better,” says Ingram.

Ingram says the building is fully paid for.