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After the Storm: Ringgold High remembers the storm

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"I mean it was too fast for you to do anything except for to fight for your life," said Myra Cochran, who lives on Cherokee Valley Road.

Residents along Cherokee Valley Road have rebuilt, recovered, but not forgotten.

"It sends a chill down your spine and you remember," Cochran thought back, holding back tears. 

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Eight people died near Cherokee Valley Road five years ago today. Two of the victims were Ringgold High School students.

Today the student body took time to pause to remember Chelsea Black and Adam Carroll.

The same storm that claimed their lives took with it Ringgold High School and all of its athletic facilities.

"It destroyed everything in its path," remembered Robert Akins, Ringgold High Athletic Director.

"It was pretty surreal to hear on the news that Ringgold had been hit by a tornado," said Noah Albritton, a student who was in middle school when the storm hit.

"I heard that my school was torn completely apart and I just wondered if my friends were alright," remembered Cade Gilbert, a Ringgold High student.

"You felt a deep depression and a sadness for everything you'd lost and more importantly for everything the kids lost," said Akins, when asked about the days following the storm.

Students who at the time were in middle school can remember the heartbreak and the way this community rallied together.

"It was awesome to watch everyone come together as one community," said Gilbert.

"We value a lot of each other more because of what happened because we know now things can go wrong and we can lose people we love," said Albritton.

Now five years later they continue to ban together.

"Teachers and students, thank you," announced Ringgold Principal JR Jones over the loud speaker Wednesday.

"And as we always say, once a tiger, always a tiger," he followed a moment of silence. "Ringgold high school you have a great afternoon."

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