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After the Storm: Emotional memories for Bradley County man who survived tornado

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A home that sits on Mt. Zion Rd in Georgetown is not the same home that was there five years ago.

The original home, and the man living inside, John Shelton, were picked up by a tornado in 2011, and moved more than 300 feet.

Mr. Shelton says he still gets emotional thinking about that day.

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"Everybody thinks its hurtful, tears and crying, no, I'm happy. I'm happy," he said.

He's happy to be alive.

"God needs to get the credit," Shelton said.

Shelton was inside his home when the first tornado of the day touched down in Bradley County.

"It felt like the trailer was starting to fall, but what it was, the wind was actually picking it up and turning the trailer, starting to tumble it," he said.

He woke up across the street with a severe head wound, and his neighbor calling 9-1-1.

"I don't know if you can tell or not, there's a scar right here," he said, motioning to his forehead, "I would say that as the trailer was spinning over that I was thrown against the window sill, or maybe a bookcase had come around and caught me."

Along with his faith, Shelton credits neighbors and first responders like Stan Clark for saving his life.

"At that point we feared the worst for that residence because there wasn't anything left," said Clark, Asst. Director of Bradley County EMS.

Clark says Shelton was one of the first of many to need help. His crews will never forget the county's recovery,  and those who did not survive.

"When the sun comes up you see the damage that was done. The lives that were touched, the lives that were lost, homes that were destroyed," said Clark.

Nine Bradley County residents lost their lives that day, and Bradley County EMS responded to more than 150 emergency calls in less than 24 hours.

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