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Chattanooga FC unveils new jerseys for 2016

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The Chattanooga Football Club unveiled their new jerseys for the new season Friday, and this year they decided to spice things up and experiment with the 2016 design.

For the new home jersey, the CFC has always had gold as a third color, but now they brought it front and center for the main color at home games. Meanwhile, the new away jersey is more traditional with their usual sky and navy colors. The club also introduced a new goalie kit, with a dark pink, magenta color inspired by none other than keeper Greg Hartley himself.

While many teams like to introduce new jerseys at the start of each season, the CFC realizes "representation" goes a long way.

"These visions and images of the Chattanooga Football Club and their new kits are showing up all over the world" says General Manager Sean McDaniel. "So we know it's far more important than just a new shirt to wear on a Saturday night."

The Chattanooga Football Club also held a Jersey Reveal Party Friday night at Finley Stadium. Fans who pre-ordered season tickets and the new home jerseys were invited to attend. Jersey sales have already tripled since last year, before the jerseys were even shown. You can still purchase season tickets and jerseys here.

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