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Local record stores sell out of Prince albums

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As fans remember Prince, investigators continue to try and piece together how and why the legendary performer died. News of his death echoed across the country.

Here in the Tennessee Valley, people of all ages were playing his songs and telling stories about the time they "saw Prince perform."

Fans continue to mourn the loss of legendary music icon Prince. Chattanoogans reacted the same as many across the world did. They went out and tried to get their hands on his music.

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Don't expect to find any Prince albums or CD's at Winder Binder on Frazier Avenue. They are all sold out. “They sell out immediately if we ever do come across any. Not just with his passing, in general,” said the manager of Winder Binder.

Fans have been coming in and out of the store since the news of the pop star's death searching for some of his greatest hits. “Lots of phone calls and customers coming in looking for Prince albums, vinyl or Cd's. They sold out immediately whatever we did have in stock.”

In 24 hours sales of his songs have skyrocketed. Prince has 19 of the top 20 songs on iTunes. Seven of the top 10 albums are also his. Radio stations across the country are paying tribute. “Everything went into a swirl. Immediately we went wall to wall Prince. Every single song, all night long,” said StyckMan with 98.1 The Lake.

Fans continue to call in 98.1 The Lake, sharing their memories of the music icon. They describe him in one word. “Phenomenal. I've been a fan ever since I've been young,” said one caller.

One caller had tickets to see prince in concert in Atlanta, one of his last scheduled events. “He gotten sick and had to do an emergency landing at the concert. I wished him well then and I was so sad to hear of his passing.”

As different fans mourn in different ways, they continue to celebrate the star, and what he did for the pop music industry. “Prince is Pop music. If there wasn’t Prince, there wouldn't be Justin Timberlake or no Meghan Trainor. Prince paved the way for those people,” said StyckMan.

98.1 The Lake will continue to play tribute songs into the weekend. The autopsy for Prince was completed Friday.  Officials with Carver County Sheriff's say there were no obvious signs of trauma on the body.            

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