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$20 bill getting new look

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A new look is coming to your wallet. More specifically, your dollar bills.

Treasury Secretary Jack Lew announced Wednesday that abolitionist Harriet Tubman will replace former President Andrew Jackson on the $20 bill.

Lew told NBC News: "I’m very excited by it and I think it's much bigger than just honoring one woman, this is about saying that our money is going to tell a much bigger part of our story."

Local resident Susan Emmett says it's time for Andrew Jackson to go.

“What I learned in American history was Jackson was probably one of our [worst] presidents in the United States, what he did against American Indians. He forced them to the west, he forced them onto Indian reservations, and I think that was kind of a despicable thing to do,” said Emmett.

Emmett feels Harriet Tubman was a better person than Jackson.

“She was awesome! In the Civil War she was humanitarian, she was an abolitionist, and she helped set up safe houses for African Americans to get north,” said Emmett. 

Local resident Daniel Hekmat says if the money is not broke, don't fix it.

“It's worked so far, from the beginning. Why in 2016 do you feel the need to do something about it? You know?” said Hekmat. 

Heckmat says Jackson made many contributions, and shouldn't get the axe.

“You don't get put on the twenty dollar bill, which everybody in this world has seen without being a bad,”

Andrew Jackson won't be completely removed from the bill, but his image will be moved to the back along with the White House.

Other changes will include putting leaders of the women's suffrage movement on the back of the $10 bill.

All of the new designs should be ready by 2020.

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