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What The Tech? New Samsung products

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Today’s smartphones are all fantastic. Tech companies Apple, Samsung, HTC, and LG have all improved their smartphones to the point there are few things that separate one from the other.

Now those companies are betting that customers will choose not just a phone, but a digital eco­system.

Samsung’s new line of Galaxy smartphones is an example of the strategy. The Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge are much improved over the previous models and sets the bar high for other Android phone makers.

The S7 Edge has rounded edges which gives the wrap­around screen a larger, wider view. The primary rear facing camera shoots 12 mega­pixel photos and the Edge shoots 4k video.

The S7 is part of a growing family of devices in Samsung’s Galaxy line. Smartphones connect to smartwatches and now the much hyped Gear VR, virtual reality goggles.

The VR works only with Galaxy phones which you place inside the viewer before strapping on the headgear. Apps are downloadable from Samsung and the Oculus store. Many games are expensive as apps go, ranging from $10­15. There are free apps, but most cost money.

We found several free apps that were fun to play and give the user a fully immersed experience inside a game. By eliminating light coming into the field of view and using 3d virtual reality technology, the Gear VR is impressive.

Users can also watch YouTube and Netflix videos, experience walking tours through museums and historic places, and view their own photographs in virtual reality.

The Samsung Gear VR is $100.

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